I Have a Great Idea for a Movie Script

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake:

VIT: I have this great idea for a movie script!

ME: That’s nice, we can write it in the morning.

VIT: I know that sometimes in the past, I have made things seem super important and like they needed to be dealt with immediately…

ME: Shhh. Sleep, sleep.

VIT: …and it turned out I just wanted to get you out of bed to make me a toaster struedel, but I am serious right now, this is important, please write it down, this is the best idea ever!

ME: ……

VIT: Please.

ME: Fine. What?!

VIT: Ok, this couple in the 1800s has a bunch of unmarried daughters and they aren’t doing so well financially and one of the daughters falls in love with a rich guy and the other daughter also falls in love with a rich guy, but they have a bunch of miscommunications because he is super arrogant and she is super biased…

ME: That is literally the plot to Pride and Prejudice.

VIT: … oh yea.

ME: Unbelievable.

VIT: Sorry….

ME: ……

VIT: Can I make it up to you with a nice hot toaster struedel?

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27 thoughts on “I Have a Great Idea for a Movie Script

  1. I can’t tell you how often I’m kept awake by script ideas, only to forget I even HAD an idea after I had the luxury of the rare 3 hours of sleep. I need to write more things in my bedside notebook other than my whacked dreams, for sure.

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  3. Gallantly, gal

    It IS a classic that is the basis for lots of rom-coms! ;D
    hope you got that promised toaster struedel when you weren’t trying to fall asleep haha


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