Snow Is So Pretty

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake:

VIT: Snow is so pretty.

Me: Beautiful.

VIT: I love to watch Snow this time of year. Just so majestic and magical.

Me: Cold, though.

VIT: What? Super hot!

Me: Snow is not super hot.

VIT: You are crazy, he’s definitely hot.

Me: HE???

VIT: Yeah, Jon Snow.

Me: Uggghhh.

VIT: Lets watch Game of Thrones!

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8 thoughts on “Snow Is So Pretty

  1. This has me laughing. I Finally talked my husband into watching the Game of Thrones! I am on the last season but started to re-watch from season 1, episode 1 with him. I can’t get over how young the characters are. 8 years is a long time! And yes, even back then, Snow was hot! HAHAHA!

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