When I Die, I Am Going to Leave 75 Cents to a Hundred Different A-List Celebrities

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake:

VIT: When I die, I am going to leave 75 cents to a hundred different A-list celebrities.

Me: That’s a stupid waste of money.

VIT: No, it’s genius!

VIT: Want to know why?

Me: Not really.

VIT: Because they will all be so curious as to what kind of nut would leave them 75 cents in her will and they all come to my funeral.

Me: ……

VIT: … and all my friends will be like, “Holy shit! I didn’t know Tiara knew Antonio Banderas!”

Me: Good plan.


VIT: ……

VIT: ………

Me: What?

VIT: Just calculating how many years you probably have left to live…

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22 thoughts on “When I Die, I Am Going to Leave 75 Cents to a Hundred Different A-List Celebrities

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  2. The Midnight Goose

    I like your idea. But I think I’ll put an extremely rare and valuable quarter in the mix. Then fill tube socks with handfuls of the quarters. Everyone gets a sock as a weapon. Last one standing gets them all–including the rare and valuable quarter. I mean…Viola Davis cold-cocking Meryl Streep with a tube sock full of quarters? That’s material for at least a month’s worth of blog posts right there…

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  3. No no no, 75 cents is not right I would suggest 47 cents, or 1 cent for each year of your life. You must also leave them a note to explain that they have to invest the money in their next project and make sure all the profits go to charity from your investment. And; more importantly you must be credited in the he film/program titles at the start and end titles. If they mention you by name within the dialogue they can keep the profits. Sounds stupid don’t you think. That’s because it’s my inner selfs idea, and you think you have problems……..

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