When Was Peanut Butter Invented?

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake:

VIT: When was peanut butter invented?

Me: I don’t know… the 1850s?

VIT: Wow. That’s really sad.

VIT: What was even the point of living before peanut butter?

Me: Maybe the 1890s…

VIT: That’s even worse!

VIT: That’s like, 100 million years of no. peanut. butter.

Me: Humans have not been around that long.

VIT: How long have they been around?

Me: Like, 5 million years.

VIT: ……

VIT: That’s still way too long to go without peanut butter.

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23 thoughts on “When Was Peanut Butter Invented?

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  2. I wouldn’t have made it through the curiosity part….I wold have been in the kitchen with a giant spoon and the peanut bitter jar as soon as VIT said the words peanut butter…..Now I am not going to be able to resist buying peanut butter….and peanut butter is the devil. That V.I.T. is a bad influence….hahahaha!

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  3. Stella aka "fennario"

    Yeah, I was thinking George Washington Carver invented it, but I googled and got the Aztecs. It says theirs was different, though, but doesn’t say how. Did they mix it with chocolate and make a proto-Reese’s? Or maybe they made peyote peanut butter? (They were fun when they wanted to be.)

    More VIT.

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