Could You Please Not Sleep with Your Feet off the Bed

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake:

VIT: Could you please not sleep with your feet off the bed?

Me: I’m hot.

VIT: … and what, the air is colder off the bed?

Me: Yes.

VIT: Just bring them back in.

Me: Why?

VIT: I don’t want to say…

Me: Jesus.

VIT: It’s just an unwholesome thing to do.

Me: Go to sleep.

VIT: ……

VIT: …… It’s Chucky.

Me: Chucky?

VIT: Yeah.

Me: Chucky? The killer doll from the 80’s movies?

VIT: That’s correct. He may be under the bed.

Me: ……

Me: ………

Me: … Yeah, alright.

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33 thoughts on “Could You Please Not Sleep with Your Feet off the Bed

  1. Honestly, one of my greatest fears is having my feet outside the covers and feeling something touch them. One time, my fan blew a little piece of ribbon that was stuck on my comforter onto my foot and I screamed like Homer Simpson. I am totally with VIT on this one.

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      1. You’re way braver than me, I still won’t watch that movie. I don’t even eat handfuls of popcorn because of that scene where a spider was hiding in the popcorn and then the guy eats it and it somehow managed to survive and killed the guy who ate it. I eat my popcorn 2 kernels at a time, tops

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  2. Bwahahaha, yes! I could never, fucking ever sleep with my feet off the bed. I didn’t imagine Chucky because he’s too damn scary for me to think about, but some kind of monster/hideousness is down there waiting for my body parts. Who sleeps with body stuff hanging off the bed anyway?? I’m with VIT on this one!

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  3. gallantlygal

    Haha when you’re hot so you stick your feet out from under the blanket and immediately feel better.. but then your overactive brain is like, “BUT MONSTERS AND GHOSTS AND SERIAL KILLERS,” so you pull your feet back under the safety of your non-stab-able, ghost-proof blanket.

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  4. I always have my feet on the bed when I sleep, but I can’t sleep with socks on! 😩 It doesn’t matter if it’s in the dead cold of winter with the heat barely on. I just can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep with the cotton around my feet.

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