Who’s That Guy in That Movie?

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake:

Me: Ugh, what time is it?

VIT: Oh good! You’re awake!

Me: No, I just…

VIT: Who’s that guy in that movie?

Me: Guy?

VIT: You know, the guy… Silver hair…

Me: I don’t know, Richard Gere?

VIT: What’s his name…

Me: Go to sleep.

VIT: He plays in that movie with that chick…

VIT: With the big smile and she’s a hooker.

Me: Richard Gere.

VIT: Damn! What’s his name?

Me: Richard Gere.

VIT: Mel Brooks? Mel Gibson? I know it starts with an M.

VIT: You know, the guy… kinda looks like a mouse and a lion had a beautiful baby that’s now in his 60’s?

Me: Richard Gere.

VIT: No… Alec Baldwin?

Me: That doesn’t start with an M.

VIT: ………

Me: ………

VIT: ……

Me: ……


Me: Good job.

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25 thoughts on “Who’s That Guy in That Movie?

  1. I hate to admit, but these types of conversations happen in really often. Like last night at dinner.
    (The song “Crazy” comes on the cafe radio)
    Me: I love this song its by..wait..shit. You know the old country western singer, she was blonde and had a sad life.
    Spouse: Um, that describes ALOT of people.
    Me: Oh and this song was written by Willie Nelson, btw. Crap, my roommate at college used be reduced to tears every time she heard this person sing. Argh! Hand me your phone so I can look this up.
    (Long suffering spouse hands me his phone)


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