Is It Racist to Think Black People Are Beautiful?

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake:

VIT: Is it racist to think black people are beautiful?

Me: No…. Yes…. I don’t know.

VIT: Cuz, like, sometimes you see a really old black person and they are really beautiful.

Me: …What?

VIT: Ok, like you see ancient white people and they just look terrible. But black people, they just look beautiful all the time, even when they are 90.

Me: I really don’t think we should be talking about this.

VIT: Because of the sun.

VIT: ……

VIT: They have better sun tolerance.

Me: Ok, fine, black people are beautiful and have good, sun-resistant skin.

VIT: Racist.

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51 thoughts on “Is It Racist to Think Black People Are Beautiful?

  1. I’m not sure it’s just black people, though. Other non-white people age really, really well, too. Maybe that’s how all people are supposed to age, but white people are just doing it wrong and just age horribly (I mean, I’m 29 and I’m already getting crows feet… wtf???).

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      1. Oh I know. Black coworker said the only way to avoid the ash is to moisturize moisturize moisturize and coconut oil is literally your best friend because you can use it on your hair and your skin.

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  3. Thanks for engaging with me, you drew me in instantly with this post title because I’m ALWAYS asking myself the same question! Except I would add Hawaiian people in there as well. I’ve long thought black people and Hawaiian people to be flat out gorgeous and I swoon over the way they talk, can’t hear them enough. And I live in Whitebread, U.S.A., so it’s really hard on me here. Anyway, I’m always asking myself this same question because I had no one else to ask without exposing myself as possibly the dreaded “R” word. Until now! Except, I’m still not sure even after reading. Gah!

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  4. I guess It’s fine to think black people are beautiful, after all, they are. Or a white person can be ugly, or pretty too. From where I’m from, their is just so much miciganation (is this word right?), so much mixing of black and white and indigena and European that no one is just one thing anymore. I’m Brazilian and my past is European with indigena! What I wanna say with that is: doesn’t matter what people are (the color of their skin, the way their looks are to you, or if they are short , tall, thin or fat, indigena or don’t have all someone else has… the important think is to have your opinion and know how to back it up if someone asks you why – witch you can definitely not answer if you don’t want to , right?
    I don’t think it’s wrong to think how you think!
    Great blog 😉


  5. You are not racist. You see the beauty for what it is. Forget skin colour, religion or culture. Don’t look with your eyes…look with your heart. When you stop looking with your eyes you will not see ‘labels’…you will just see it for what IT is, in its purest form. 🙂


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