You Know What I Hate?

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake:

VIT: You know what I hate?

Me: ……

VIT: The term “Jill off.”

Me: Like “jerk off” for girls? What’s wrong with it?

VIT: It just bothers me.

Me: Go to sleep.

VIT: You just can’t put “Jill” in front of everything to indicate that it’s the girl version.

Me: Ok, that’s fine, no Jills. Go to sleep.

VIT: Ok. Don’t let the bed Jills bite!

VIT: Maybe you will get a visit from the sand Jill.

VIT: Actually it’s not there to replace “jerk off” but “jack off”.

Me: Jesus.

VIT: So I guess that’s fine.

VIT: ……You know what else bothers me?

Me: ……What!?

VIT: Terrorism.

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23 thoughts on “You Know What I Hate?

  1. I prefer to call them night crazies! Funny? Maybe the next day. Our CO2 detector malfunctioned the other night and my VITs worried about how the emergency crews would think it was suicide if I fell asleep in the wrong position…..🙄

    Best of luck tonight

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